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The 6+ hour seminar offers a completely different perspective that will blow your mind in terms of previous beliefs about the market.

This material has indeed changed the perspectives of many students on how the modern markets really operate, as opposed to blindly believing what traditional sources of information out there are saying. It gave us a higher glimpse into the reality of the markets and why/how not to jump on the bandwagon along with the vast majority of losers in the market.

Giuseppe is very knowledgeable and extremely frank about his opinions on the truth. In this course he provides valuable information that is not readily available to students and the public.

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  • # 1: Learn how to model effects of modern Algorithms on price
  • # 2: Learn to identify high-probability areas of reversal before the fact
  • # 3: Learn to time setup entries procedurally


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Free Course Contents

  • Lecture 1: The Trading Game

    A game you win in defense. Risk management is trader’s job #1. Four key rules + 11 principles for success. Trading concepts that work. A good trading plan its component parts. The 3 “M”s and 7 pillars of successful trading. Psychology and statistics to make it or break it in retail trading.

  • Lecture 2: New Philosophy in Modern Markets

    Winning Trading Philosophy in 13 points. Reality and truths of Modern Markets. Modeling price in 15min, 4-hour and daily time frames. 11 ways of Doing Things Differently. More on 7 Pillars.How to use the proprietary FibStalking Timing Technique. The 4 Steps of the Trading Process.

  • Lecture 3: Algorithms, Markets & Price Structure

    Traditional and Unconventional use of Fibonacci. Selection of subset of numbers. Modeling traditional and extended price moves. Foundations of the FibStalking technique. Algos Trading is real. Examples of modeling and timing from current markets.

  • Lecture 4: HFT and its Effects on Price

    High Frequency Trading (HFT) and market’s Price Structure. HFT feedback cycles. An example of quotes delay HFT. $750M dumped in 1 second! Healthy and unhealthy price structure. How HFT breaks well-formed setups. Algos regaining control on Price (example).

  • Lecture 5: Power of Algorithms & Psychology of the Markets

    Bandwagon Theory. Psychology of Trading illustrated in 6 steps. Ambush Setup and timing. Relation between Algos, Human Nature and Market Psychology. Market Psychology in secular equity markets. Where the S&P500 is going? (2014 prediction becoming true. . .)

  • Lecture 6: Trading Objectives & Money Management

    Rules of Trading and Risk Management. Market’s Fundamental Principles & Truths. Practicing Risk Management. CPR for Traders. Advanced Risk & Money Management. Understanding how Price moves. Risk-free Trades, Partial Profits, entering in Steps. How to “Supercharge” Profits.

  • Lecture 7: Fallacy of Traditional Technical Analysis

    Reality of Technical Analysis. Do TA studies really Work? Rigidity of Tool’s Response. Psychological Elements hiding the Fallacy. Trading & Gambling. No Predictive Capacity. Sell-fulfilling Prophecy and Fallacy promotion of TA. Traditional TA and Complex Rules. What happens to price?

  • Lecture 8: Role of Fundamental Analysis

    An example of Fundamental Analysis. Abenomics and the Japanese Economy context. Fact, Factors and what needs to be Monitored. Facts, Opinions and Effects. Exchange rate, Exports, Investments, Debt, GDP, Taxation, Prices. Global Macro Factors. Many Unanswered Questions. How Algos are Positioned. Conclusions.

  • Bonus: "2 Weeks Training" Course + Vouchers

    Created to fix your issues in Trading, it consists of 12 foundational lessons (audio and text formats), 3 webinars, and follow-up lessons and case studies. Topics include: emotions, cognitive biases, elite 5%, risk reduction, modern markets, profitability and consistency and more…

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Meet Your Mentor

Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

Giuseppe Basile, the creator of the Winning with Algos Community and the high-performance FibStalker Methods Coaching Program, is a respected technical analyst, mentor and active researcher with CSTA & SIAT (chapters of the International Federation of Technical Analysts). In the markets since 2001, with over 20,000 hours of market exposure, he studied with several mentors and successful traders around the world. Giuseppe is a Professional Member and Board Director of CSTA (Canadian Society of Technical Analysts), speaks regularly at international shows and is a Premium Contributor at FXStreet.

Giuseppe's trading approach is rooted in observable effects of modern algorithms on price. He studies the behavior of Smart and Dumb money and refuses the sole use of traditional Technical Analysis while offering new ways to identify low-risk, reversal entries well before the fact. Giuseppe also created a unique, proprietary and procedural timing technique called FibStalking (currently not disclosed to the general public) along with multi-tiered risk protection techniques.

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