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Discover how Smart and Dumb Money are positioned in high-volume markets (S&P500 futures, Dollar Index, Gold, Silvers and many Forex pairs) and take advantage of Seasonality and trading analysis based on the FibStalker methods. Areas of participation from Algos are identified before the fact and commented in review videos, twice a week.

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This is what you get when you subscribe:

  • # 1: Video Analysis (twice a week: Sun and Wed) of 25+ markets
  • # 2: Setup Areas watched by Smart Money (2 to 5+ a week)
  • # 3: Use of Seasonality to Strenghten Setups
  • # 4: Instructions & FAQ on how to use the service at best

... and so much more, for a small price:

  • # 5: Additional analysis based on Dumb Money positioning
  • # 6: Educational Recorded Webinars (added twice a month)
  • # 7: Access to Archives (over 600 videos)


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Analysis & Trading Service Content


  • Instructions & FAQ: How to Take Advantage of the Analysis

    When you join you get access to a section of the Members Area where you learn How to follow and execute the Setups  (entries based on Dumb Money areas)

  • Trading Analysis & Low-risk Areas

    Areas of high-probability, lower-risk participation (2 to 5+ every week) based on presence of Algos (Smart Money), Dumb Money and Seasonality.

  • Bi-Weekly Video Reviews

    Video Reviewes and Updates published twice a week in the Members Area for 25+ markets (S&P500, Dollar Index, Gold, Silver futures plus 20+ Forex pairs). Watch the videos to fine tune your entries and find additional trading ideas.

  • Educational Webinars

    Every second week you will get new content and Recorded Educational Webinars of 45 to 60 mins in duration on various aspects of trading the FibStalker Methods. 

  • Archives: Past Reviews and Analysis

    In the Member Area find access and links to archived information.  Past Video Reviews (over 600) and Trading Analysis (as they are produced).

  • "Winning with Algos" Community

    When you join you also become a member of the “Winning with Algos” Community.  As a member you get access to the the Winning with Algos – Course and all the other free material published by FibStalker.


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Meet the Trader, Analyst and Your Mentor

Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

Giuseppe Basile, the creator of the Winning with Algos Community and the high-performance FibStalker Methods Coaching Program, is a respected technical analyst, mentor and active researcher with CSTA & SIAT (chapters of the International Federation of Technical Analysts). In the markets since 2001, with over 20,000 hours of market exposure, he studied with several mentors and successful traders around the world. In June 2017, Giuseppe has been presented with the prestigious CSTA/IFTA “A. Jack Frost” Award for his original research on the linkages between money management and trading goals. Giuseppe is a Professional Member and Board Director of CSTA (Canadian Society of Technical Analysts), speaks regularly at international shows and is a Premium Contributor at FXStreet.

Giuseppe's trading approach is rooted in observable effects of modern algorithms on price. He studies the behavior of Smart and Dumb money and refuses the sole use of traditional Technical Analysis while offering new ways to identify low-risk, reversal entries well before the fact. Giuseppe also created a unique, proprietary and procedural timing technique called FibStalking (currently not disclosed to the general public) along with multi-tiered risk protection techniques.


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Access "Winning with Algos" Course Today!

When you subscribe to the Analysis & Signals Service you become a member of the Community and get free access to the the "Winning with Algos" Course, a 6+ hours video course where you learn how Algos affect price in modern markets and how to time the opportunities they bring about.

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Take advantage of quality research & market analysis using positioning of both Smart & Dumb Money in high-volume, modern markets, plus Seasonality, and become part of a growing community of smarter traders!


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