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In 2 years, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about the world of trading to being a Day Trader & work for a Canadian broker

Benjamin Charbonneau Benjamin Charbonneau
Trader, Sales Manager at CMC Markets

My trading is going really well. I have found a rhythm that works well for me. The market review videos are gold. In October 2016 I had 100% gain in my account.

Craig R.
Student of the FibStalker Methods

When I closed my first profitable month (quite sizable) at about 15 R, with 1 R =1% of account, I was really happy. In August 2016 I had my best month with 47 R in gains.

Matteo C.
Student of the FibStalker Methods

I believe in Giuseppe’s good, great work. I know that everyone who learns from the FibStalker has value for the rest of their trading life time

Dale J. Pinkert Dale J. Pinkert
FXStreet LAR Host


Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker , the creator of the "Winning with Algos" community, is a Certified Market Technician with SIAT (Italian chapter of IFTA) and CSTA (Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, IFTA) professional member, editor and Director. Founder of FibStalker Consulting Inc. he holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Finance. He authored several research papers on Money Management, HFT, innovative timing, unconventional use of Fibonacci, trading methods and in 2017 was presented with the prestigious “A. Jack Frost” Award for original research on the linkages between money management and trading goals.

Giuseppe is a full-time trader, mentor and regular speaker at the Money Show, Traders’ Expo and a premium contributor and popular coach at FXStreet.com. He offers free education on trading based on the positioning of Smart and Dumb Money. He also runs an Analysis & Trading Service and offers Signals in an on-line trading room at the “Winning with Algos” community.

Giuseppe's trading approach is rooted in observable effects of modern algorithms on price. He studies the behavior of Smart and Dumb money offering new ways to identify low-risk, reversal entries well before the fact. Giuseppe also researched a unique, procedural timing technique called FibStalking along with multi-tiered risk protection techniques.

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